Examination~ The war has begun!!!

Sometimes i really think that blogger should copy the "time stamp " application from wordpress.
because when i post i most too much, and when i dont post, i dont post at all.
Sometimes it may be lack of time, some times empty brains... and NOW!!!

All right i wanted to publish this post on 1st March... but because of the swords and knives [not literally... illiterally] hanging over my neck... and i dont think i would have the guts to post it on.

I really hoped that the much screwing cbse boards papers may have started a month later than 1 March 2008, beacause i could have excused that i though i am being april-fooled.

I had made many cartoons on examination in recent[ though i keep scribblin' and singing and cartooning on my notebooks], since i have no scanners, mouse pens and graphic tablets.

Check this cartoon which is absolutely opposite of what i feel.

This cartoon shows an extremely optimistic student[soldier] getting ready to give away his life with a smile as the war (examination) has begun

4 burps:

a new philosopher is born said...

good one

sarv007 said...

ha! v all are together to get those examiners down, wid our swords{those idiot answers yaar}.

manorath said...

all the best buddy..

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