When Birthday turns Death Day!!!


What a way to turn 15.

The murderous math murdered me again and i am still alive.
Today was my birthday + maths pracrical + maths theory examination.
However a preboard!!!
but still it sucks getting screwed up by maths again and
again,getting pissed off by the maths monster.

I tried my shit and my bit to do atleast something...so that my bald~headed teacher
could atleast stare and draw red circles.

Still it took me 6 bloody pages to write some damn' questions who neither had a
head nor a foot.
I and my fellow trees who donated me six pages to scribble over shit would like to
abuse maths by pressing all the symbols that are on my keyboard.

" MATHS IS !@#$%^&*()"...
If you are a nerdy enough give me some words of sympathy...comment(burp) me some tips.
And If you are one of the victims of mathphobia... burp(comment) some abuses for
those who made maths what it is today i.e. the bloody mathematicians

3 burps:

Proneat said...

Burp...I LUV MATH n Believe...dat evrythin in dis universe is governed and cn b understood mathematically.

roflin said...

hmm.. i got lost here.. but i found something
:D :D :D

sarv007 said...

maths do not sucks , but those nasty teacher remarks makes it boring and un appealing