Economic Attyachaar

Last year i was busy pretending studying, sad to know i just wrote 8 posts. This year i hope i cross my earlier limits. Wishing myself and all A HAPPY 2010.

Economic Attyachaar

A freak stammered “Ta…ta…ta…tauba tela halwa, ta…ta…ta tauba teli dal, tela eco-nomic atyachaar… Maine aal bola aal aa” and then he poked the back of his head and said “Chad gayi li hai meleko”.
While the telecom industries are busy in taking the country back to Aanas, the food prices have thrown up a projectile that seems to have lost a sense of gravity midway. And while the calls play Aana Paisa, the Rupee is rejoicing with a new member “the 10 rupee coin”. Who thought that a new coin could be a warning! So by the time the callers dry their cerebral fluids, the food prices have sprung out of the normal rupee shell competing with the dollars and pounds.
In the screwed up suspension between, the paisa and pounds, hangs the consumer naked, spreading the foul fragrance of his condition from the arm pits to the deep nose quarries. The “new” consumer is breakfasting (when will it get a deserving place in the dictionary), brunching, lunching and dining with sweet schemes like calls @ 1p/sec. and 50p/min. and other screwy schemes.
The new menu includes Juicy talks, spicy talks, sugary talks and various other cheap flavours. More the decrease in call rates, more the availability of various call cakes coagulating the GSM and CDMA networks. In fact the GSM is trying to combat with GDP!
And since 2010, there will more Dandi marches over the wounds.
Presenting the “PAGAL PREDICTIONS”:-
  1. The phrase “Khaate-peetey ghar ke” will soon suffocate in the deep unsaturated levels of cholesterol and will be over taken by “Bakbakiya ghar ke”. Wait a minute, isn’t “khaate peetey ghar ke” already replaced by “Six pack/ zero figure”. So “Six pack/ zero figure” will be the one eventually getting replaced by “Bakbakiya ghar ke”, ultimately getting replaced by “Hamaare pas paani hai, tumhare pas kya hai?”

    2) Gold will eventually hug food, paving the way for water.
    3) The “under-privileged” will be “over-impoverished” and the “over-privileged” will do the “zamindari “ all over again.
    4) In the political pothole, the hand will pluck the lotus, the lotus will be puking out mud all over the hand and an elephant will crush the both, resulting in a severe foot fracture. The so called “common man” from the “brick-breaking” labourers to the “brick buying/bargaining bourgeois” will sort out the bloody mass of blood and veins and crushed lotus, elephant poop to find out a “kamal-kakri” to thrash their heads over and over while they chase the bankers for food loans.

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mk said...

to start on the lighter really got the pulse of Indian state policies..
surely our politician's emotional attyachar is taking the nerves of the Indian middle class and poorer people!!

great post buddy...good going!

jaggu said...

Hey that was a nice different take on today's situation.

Ashish said...

gr8 thought buddy!!
Economic atyachar is really breaking the back of Indian middle class..

Dan* said...

ur right!

Same thing happens in Pakistan

specially abt sugar crisis

vineet said...

awesome n hilarious..loved it..the ecnomic atyahaar has been rarely presented in such a humorous manner..nice wrk

shubham said...

its a truth story of india economic and i realy thanx to u that u make a blog its a india midddle class daily story

Anonymous said...

Good One!!!

Vinayak said...

i agree
keep rocking brother

vamsi said...

well said..:) keep blogging..:)

Suyash said...

creative writing dude

vamsi said...

Nice post..smooth writing..keep it up..:)

Shashank said...

nice post

The Fool said...

Interesting. Actually not a bad thing as such without government causing disruptions. That way farmers should make more money and not be suiciding and take over of farm land should reduce as farm would be more profitable than factory. But government regulations and vested interests seem to preventing that

Saurabh said...

nice buddy......
keet it up.

Rajesh said...

Nice 1 yar.

Anonymous said...

.... hilarious and well written..:D