Youtube Screening Room Favourites

The first time my eyes fell on YOUTUBE SCREENING ROOM, i thought it was just another compilations of uselles youtube videos thrown in by amateurs, playing with their cams, or hamming up their heads, but fortunately it turned out to be the updated collection of the best videos i have ever seen on youtube or anywhere else,

the best short movies in high quality.
I havent seen so many movies from YTScreening room, but the ones i saw i loved al,ost all of them.
Some of my favourites:

The Scab
One of the movies that made me LOL.

The best possible way to show try try and try again might not lead to success.

Sebastian Voodoo
What a way to show sacrifice for friendship.

Skeletons in the Closet
Now thats exemplary storytelling with twists and turns.Truly Brillaint.

pranks and their consequences.A movie based on its tagline and the tagline based on the movie.