Browsers Without Internet!

In the last post i mentioned about the browser brawls.
But all these browser brawls are meaningless...crap... if there is no internet connection!

But the browsers have already prepared themsleves for such mess... by giving crap messages...
different but frustrating!

First and Foremost comes the Internet Explorer with "Cannot Find Server"
-right enough!

Firefox vomits "Address not found" - Crap on You! You cant find Google!
Would Firefox get web attacks if it stated "Server Not Found"

The least crapped and most relevant message is of Safari.
It doesnt atleast torture the user with useless bullshit!

Opera yells "Could not locate remote server" but in the end gives the same lame bullshit that firefox farted!

Chrome should be beaten the hell out with chrome objects... for not obeying its master!
It bloats "The webpage is not available" to the same google that gave him birth.
It later says that his father has died... or maY have moved to some new place!
Pity on Chrome!

Thanks for tolerating this senseless shit...
If your mind is not full of shit... make sure to click them to enlarge them
because normal eye sight wont allow you to see whats written after the titles

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Dan* said...

cant pass my time time without internet :D

about the browser havent use safari yet atleast now i know how it looks like :D

Bob said...

Cool, Chrome provides a link t...

Attila said...

haha.. hilarious.. so so you tested so many?? i know software is cheap in India.. but..

anyway.. blogging about tech @ this age is admirable.. keep it up!

poonam said...

understood the frustation. now that uve shard it here.. you must be relieved.what a morning..

Ecko said...

Browser without internet is just like me without internet. :))
Internet is my life, the place I socialize, sharing idea, get new concepts and opportunities, then make some money to buy food. :D

Sidrah said...

senseless but true..
those messages get on everybody's nerves!
your blog is cool n very informative..keep up the good wok..cya! ^^

Sarv007 said...

u have removed my blog link from ur blog...??
reply soon or i will remove urs

Patel said...

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Mr.69 said...

nice one brother....i cannot imagine my dad without internet

Sathish said...

mm... Nice one...

Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

I'm a Firefox fan. It's faster and my Blog and MySpace profile look much better in it. I do notice though that it certainly lets in more spyware/adware onto my PC more than IE. It doesn't block pop-ups either. Anyway, the spyware/adware can easily be removed using PC Tools Spyware Doctore which is in the Google free software bundle the Google Pack. So, it's not a problem for me.