J&K Land Row Cartoon

If you have got news channels bumming into your homes, then you might have heard about the news reagrding the month long J&K protests regarding the land which was given to/taken away from Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (S.A.S.B)
(The reason why i know about this news is most probably that, i live in Jammu....and the earlier phase of it[ending june] cancelled my holidays to Srinagar.)
I wished to take some snaps of the agitation...the revolts...the protests...
but as a normal middle class camera owner, i care for my camera too.
(Another reason being i just couldnt get the opportunity to see the real "thing" happening)

So i decided why not to make a cartoon over this entire problem
(whatever you call it...for me its free freakin' holidays)

Dont kill me as this is my first political cartoon.

The Meaning:
Well, unfortunately this meaningless cartoon does have a meaning.
1. K stands for Kashmir and J stands for Jammu (Hope you had this much of brain).
2. Big ants stand for the ploiticians... and small for the people, who are ready to sacrifice for the big ants.
3. Thhe center of the cartoon i.e. "S.A.S.B.ahu"
where S.A.S.B stands for Shri Amarnath Shrine Board.
And it also means that differences have been cropped up between Sas (mother-in-law) and Bahu(daughter-in-law), where Sas stands for kashmir as it is bigger in size, dominating and the desicions are going in her favour and Bahu ofcourse is jammu for the opposite reasons.
Hope you got what the cartoon is all about...
please rate and burp out your views about this cartoon.
The Making:
I had made this cartoon on my drawing pad... and made an attempt to capture them via my DCR-HC46E( I dont have a scanner).
Unfortunately the pencil stokes were dull enough to be seen. So i had to get back to Flash5, but i didnt wasted the image that i had captured...
So i redraw it all over again on Flash5( on the image outline).
Then i took its screen shot editted it a little in paint (the little means adding up my links at the top)
And then i though that realistic fire and smoke would be better.
So i popped up Photoshop.
Edited the image via Eye Candy 4000 plugin...(by applying blur, fire and smoke effects)
and here it is, the cartoon is ready to be stared and criticised.

BX off ... Spyware on...

Finally I could change my blogger theme and got rid of those annoying Bx's...
by manually deleting the widgets. And I got a new 'cool' theme for my blog.
(Please burp out wheather you liked the new theme or not)

Firefox, the so called most secure browser of the world has always been unlucky to me.Whenever its on my PC, spywares always strikes my computer.
This time the so called so secure browser has done the harm itself by screwing up my computer with 15 f'in spywares, malwares, trojans etc etc... and still it is the most loved, most downloaded, most appreciated browser!.

Thank God, the good old Spybot- Search n' Destroy removed 12 of them...
but still The so called "Smitfraud BS.c" malware is kicking the ass off my computer.
It has eaten up my screensavers, wallpapers...
By giving me a precious wallpaper that i saved as a memory.