Sarkar Raj: Review

Sarkar Raj: Review
After spending 100 bucks for the movie ticket and 30 bucks for a Coke i wished that Sarkar Raj
had finally something in store for me... and that it would be better than its previous
installment that i had watched on the original VCD... but it couldnt follow the magic of Sarkar.

So what the heck is the story:::

Starring Amitabh Bachchan as Subash Nagre, Abhishek Bachchan As Shankar Nagre and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Anita Ranjan, Sarkar Raj deals with the political and social scenario of Modern day Maharashtra when a proposal for establishing a power plant in rural Maharashtra is brought by Ash and is approved by Abhi. And the consequences of the approval with some twists, turns, violence
and etc. etc....

Now, doing something crazily sensible...

If Sarkar Raj is a coin, here is its head and tail...


1) Original Script (hope so)

2) Brilliant Performances

3) Nice Dialogues

1) Slow

2) absurd camera angles

3) Useless Rona-Dhona ( I dint understood why the f'in hell Aishwarya was continuosly crying in the movie...)

Since i could only find 3 heads and 3 tails...

so how could the asrology be more or less than that...
stars for Sarkar Raj(Thackrey)

The Results are Out!!!

| 4 burps

Thes results of AISSE2008(whatever) are finally out.
And they have shocked as well as surprised everyone, just like me.
I could believe it that i wasnt even a little bit tense for the results the night before them.
Though i waked up all the damn' night (as the next day was a holiday and not the result)
I was Suffering from and Surfing the net late night downloading some movie... and creating an animation to pass my time...
But i couldnt beat the night and finally i slept at six to wake up again at eight to face my most loved thing converting itself to most hated thing while staring at the result that proved the statement "expect the unexpected" TRUE.

Now another shock stroke me as i mistakenly did some uselesss senselees registry change...(actually spybot asked and i answered randomly) just to find out that everytime i switched my computer on i was welcomed by my very own result and when i decided to swirch it off the same result bade me goodbye...
If anyone can help please comment...
till then watch the animation i made the night before the result.