The Gr8 Windows Movie Maker

The Gr8 Windows Movie Maker

If you are a frequent and old reader of Crazyblog (which you would definitely not be), you might have noticed that the quote which I have used in many of my posts…

“The best things in the world are free, or make your pockets free”
However Windows Movie Maker fortunately doesn’t belong to latter category.

What the hell Windows Movie Maker (WMM) is:
As the name suggests, Windows Movie Maker is a cool and free utility that allows you to create movies. You can simply say (you can shut your mouth also) that WMM is a video editing software mostly used for creating nice home video e.g.:- Vacation and stuff like that.

Windows Movie Maker is preinstalled on Windows XP and Vista( may be on 98,2000 too) and the version in Windows XP SP2 is much better than that of SP1 as it has multiple transitions and effects which are sufficient for almost everyone.
You need at least 256 MB of RAM for its “good” working.
(I had tried it a 128 MB also… but it results in frequent crashes and video losses)

If you’ll “try to try it” for a little more that half an hour, you will learn its controls and working without even glancing (if an ex 13 years (now 15) student + blogger could do it then why not you)
And it’s damn’ simpler and easier to use than its rivals.

Now I am writing whatever I am typing teach you, or to persuade you (Note: I am not Microsoft’s or its nerd honcho’s servant to use this not often used utility, but simply because I like this software) to use this not often used utility for non-stereotypical purposes… i.e. video editing of marriages and vacation and shit (stuff word already used) like that.

So what the hell you can do via Windows Movie Maker:

1. Download Songs
2. Make an animation
3. Make a Presentation/ Slideshow

1. Download Songs:
You can download the songs running on your P.C. Via the method I had already mentioned in my
First post.

2. Making an Animation:
This one requires a high patience skill (which I don’t possess)

Now what the heck to do:

1. Draw Pictures (I drew on Paint), you can scan the pictures or do whatever so that they are safely in your hard disk.

2. Import these pics. To Windows Movie Maker, from Movie Tasks > Import pictures.

3. Now do the real work, i.e. drag and drop your pics. In order of appearance In the timeline/storyboard view.

4. Animation without sound is better than bullshit… So to put some sound to your animation…switch to the timeline view and Click the mike. Button (Narrate Timeline) and record your sound while the animation runs… such that the sound runs along with the frames. Or if your throat has withered up… and you don’t want to waste your precious voice for such stuff… or you just don’t have a microphone… then you can import the sound you want to run from Movie Tasks > Import audio or music, and drag it at the Audio/Music in the Timeline View. Be sure to click the sound and reduce/increase its size by dragging it with the red resizers, if your sound is too long for the animation, or your animation is too short for the sound.

5.Now, what the hell;;; save it!!!

P.S. This can be applied to the Stop-motion Videos too.


3. Make a Presentation/ Slideshow:
You can also make a Presentation/Slideshow by importing all the pictures captured by you…
Just like it was done in “Making an Animation”.
But for making better slideshows, I suggest you to apply the video transitions between each picture by:
1.Selecting Video Transitions from the drop down menu at the bar below the menu bar (I always forget its name)

2.And then drag and drop the transitions between the pictures in the small boxes in the Storyboard View.

3.Then simply save your stuff.

In a presentation you will need to write your stuff in paint… and then import the pics.

The best thing about making presentations on it is that you can run your presentations/slideshows on a VCD/DVD player.


There may be many other things which can be done via Windows Movie Maker…
It would be great if you will try these things out (and give the credit to me for teaching you how to do it) but it would be greater if you come up with some more things and burp back.

Get lost and start trying.

ver n’ ut

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C R D said...

hmm..useful info.hope it is of use

Dragon said...

am already on to it..thanks for de info

S Ramanathan said...

true, movie maker is good for starters..but there are loads of other softwares which are wayyyy better....abt the cost, whats piracy for then? :P

abymittal said...

well shiva..firstly i liked the way u introduced urself...u r a 15 year boy wholikes blogging more than studying...quite diplomatic haan... nyways quite informative post. i knew this thing existed bt u gave more insight. thank u! :)

manorath said...

hey ur starting was good dude.. it was jus like our eng mam during our revision, "Well, tomoro is eng exam, and this is ur eng book and am ur eng teacher"

Byzantine said...

I didn't know a damn thing about WMM when I was 15. I have used it a few times, but I prefer macromedia flash for presentations.

Puneet said...

Yea i've worked on WMM a few times.. and its super-easy.. great for beginners
nice useful post.. keep it up!

poonam said...

this is kinda fine.. it works ok.

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