Crazy ScreenSaver


After giving you heck and loads of dialog box shit, feary and other goddamn' crazy stuff i thought why to hide away the screensaver i use on my pc.

Titled as "Dont Touch my computer 2" it works as a cool guard too.

Better than any screeensaver atleast i have used up to date,

it features Joe and his dog, plus an accurate clock, a mice keeping the dog always on the run.

How it guards your computer(from people who try to mess up with it... not at internet but your home... could be your bros. and sis. denoted here by A$$)

It is not the stereotypical (haha) shake your mouse and the screen saver goes away... it has got it own procedure for stuff to get back.

So, While the screen saver is running, whenever an A$$ touches the mouse or an incorrect key, the guard dog is set in action: barking loudly and "attacking" the screen from the inside out.

So download it! and fear away the traitors existing in your homes.

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