Studying ain't sinning


My preboards/half yearlies are approaching in a couple of days, its true that i wont study but its also true that my parents would try to do everything against my wishes.
So let them do you always have excuses to turn something down,
like " I am just downloading sample papers" and then doing multitasking one educative and one who-so-ever it may be.
So it isnt sin to be true in doing that too..
If u are in cbse ...
i suggest you to download sample papers from these two sites

Well if you want to really study damn hard then try hittin' these key strokes...

Pukin' fa Physix:

Chaos n' Chemistree:

Bullshittin brief Bio:

Hell Halin' History:

Goo Geo:

Coup Civics:

Murderous Mathematics:

For writting this much i have been scolded thrice but i managed to get on and even to get hurt...
Rest in Peace Shiva

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Added you to my blogroll u had requested. Add me too..thanks.

Jitendra yadav said...

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