Happy New Year

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2008 sucked!!!
hope 2009 turns out better!!!

Eleventh Sucks!!!


Why does it always feels like that the previous class rocked, and the current one sucks ( most people say, may be not but hell I say it)

I am in the 11th grade for more than half a year, and it seems that I am rusting and decaying in the walls of 11th for more than a lifetime., though my text books and refreshers refuse to agree… some display their dew-fresh untouched pages (they aren’t wet) and some torn apart (I don’t blame myself for testing the effects of gravity on them, in fact damn CBSE and NCERT for the screwed up quality of the books, the books with the hologram)

My perspective towards studying/cramming changed a lot in the past few years. My favorite subjects switched their positions, from Science to S.St to English to IT to nothing.

Even though I have chosen Sciences-Non Medical (forcibly) it is hard for me to digest more than one paragraph at a time.

My most hated and dreaded subject from the last decade used to be Mathematics, until Science took an unexpected turn and absorbed numbers and gave birth to the two new demons in the Science, The Chemistry and The Physics, where the fusion of the numericals and the good old concepts took place.

And now Physics and Chemistry have taken more grim avatars, their books might not be king sized but the reference books that may not enhance your mind but regular lifting and dropping of it may enhance your biceps.

In fact Physics and Chemistry have formed new definitions in my screwed up mind.

Physics: Baat ka Batangarh Banana (Making a mountain out of mole hill).The concepts which were sometimes interesting for me have turned into crappy derivations with triple x’s and y’s v1’s and v2’s and lot of weird greek alphabets that keep on getting add as constants.

Eg: If something falls, according to physics “OMG it can fall! Let’s put some g’s and G’s over it”

Chemistry: If it was fiction it could be much better but alas it’s a collect of false facts and hypothetical bullshittin’ concepts that were given by drunk homo-genius scientists. Chemistry is a whole damn’ branch of lying on lies.

Eg: A dog Is peeing @ a pole , according to chemistry it is pouring some H2O on Fe

With tremendous increase in the stinkin’ tendencies of Physics and Chemistry, The fear of Maths has reduced somewhat.



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Steal this e-card from below!
(I stole from santa banta's source ;))

After blasting off half the crackers i finally made an animation of a "phuljari" cursor!
here it is

knock it off...

!!! HaPpY DuSsEhRa !!!

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Since morning I was trying to kill my time with this useless, bullshit attempt of an e-card...
and here's the crappin' result


!!! Happy Dussehra!!!

Tic Tac Toe

My heart wants to post
My mind has turned compost
But i decide not to go...
let you play

thanks nali's scrapbook

Browsers Without Internet!

In the last post i mentioned about the browser brawls.
But all these browser brawls are meaningless...crap... if there is no internet connection!

But the browsers have already prepared themsleves for such mess... by giving crap messages...
different but frustrating!

First and Foremost comes the Internet Explorer with "Cannot Find Server"
-right enough!

Firefox vomits "Address not found" - Crap on You! You cant find Google!
Would Firefox get web attacks if it stated "Server Not Found"

The least crapped and most relevant message is of Safari.
It doesnt atleast torture the user with useless bullshit!

Opera yells "Could not locate remote server" but in the end gives the same lame bullshit that firefox farted!

Chrome should be beaten the hell out with chrome objects... for not obeying its master!
It bloats "The webpage is not available" to the same google that gave him birth.
It later says that his father has died... or maY have moved to some new place!
Pity on Chrome!

Thanks for tolerating this senseless shit...
If your mind is not full of shit... make sure to click them to enlarge them
because normal eye sight wont allow you to see whats written after the titles

Browser Brawls

The Browser Wars!! © CrAzYbLoG
Few months ago it was Mozilla Firefox 3,
few days ago it was Google Chrome, that stole the attention as well as some of the hard disk space of many of the internet users.
As the so called internet "content" is growing... how can the browsers sit back.
With the increasing number of web browsers, the competition is getting fierce, freakin' fierce.
Although the battle/brawl/war (usage) continues to be won by Internet Explorer ( just because it comes preloaded with microsoft windows).
The real winner is of course Firefox, because it is promoted like hell with different widgets, ads supporting.

For Internet Explorer,
I dont hate it, i dont love it, and i dont update it, because in the end i always return to the good old internet explorer 6 because of my years of experience with it.

And Firefox,
I dont understand why the hell people are so affectionate/crazy about it, if security is the concern...i dont damn think so... it gave my a computer a cool present known as spyware...
its adventures are stated here. Also it doesnt block most of the pop up poops...
Well, its not that bad (because i am using it now) because and only because of the so called Add-ons, another reason being the Spell Check, which is a great feature for me as i am the king of the typos and you might have noticed that in many of my posts( if you would have the guts to read them).
And finally the add-ons that make it similar to Opera.

The other browser in the race and in my PC is Safari from Apple.
Its neither my default browser nor the browser which i use frequently, it has got a reason and a good damn' reason.

The reason: to access "good" magazines for free.
Thanks to Labnol for that!!

Google's Chrome is just too new to make its mark... and its just doesnt have so many features as compared to other web browsers.
Its just simple and cool and in beta. (That's what Google is known for simple and cool stuff... and years of keeping it as beta... Orkut is still in beta.)
The damn' things i feel in it are no menu bar... thought it may be their take at innovation...
i think it just a mistake!

And finally the browser which i l♥ve...
Though its current status is uninstalled, the interface, the speed-dial, the mouse-gestures, the "key" used to save password, the themes according to me simply rock...
whereas the only thing that i hated in it was frequent crashes and slow start up times.
which deserved to be bashed up with rocks.

The mareket share of the browsers -© CrAzYbLoG

Finally a browser is a browser.
Features will only get added, the main motive of the browsers is to surf the wide wicked web of internet...
full of crap...

J&K Land Row Cartoon

If you have got news channels bumming into your homes, then you might have heard about the news reagrding the month long J&K protests regarding the land which was given to/taken away from Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (S.A.S.B)
(The reason why i know about this news is most probably that, i live in Jammu....and the earlier phase of it[ending june] cancelled my holidays to Srinagar.)
I wished to take some snaps of the agitation...the revolts...the protests...
but as a normal middle class camera owner, i care for my camera too.
(Another reason being i just couldnt get the opportunity to see the real "thing" happening)

So i decided why not to make a cartoon over this entire problem
(whatever you call it...for me its free freakin' holidays)

Dont kill me as this is my first political cartoon.

The Meaning:
Well, unfortunately this meaningless cartoon does have a meaning.
1. K stands for Kashmir and J stands for Jammu (Hope you had this much of brain).
2. Big ants stand for the ploiticians... and small for the people, who are ready to sacrifice for the big ants.
3. Thhe center of the cartoon i.e. "S.A.S.B.ahu"
where S.A.S.B stands for Shri Amarnath Shrine Board.
And it also means that differences have been cropped up between Sas (mother-in-law) and Bahu(daughter-in-law), where Sas stands for kashmir as it is bigger in size, dominating and the desicions are going in her favour and Bahu ofcourse is jammu for the opposite reasons.
Hope you got what the cartoon is all about...
please rate and burp out your views about this cartoon.
The Making:
I had made this cartoon on my drawing pad... and made an attempt to capture them via my DCR-HC46E( I dont have a scanner).
Unfortunately the pencil stokes were dull enough to be seen. So i had to get back to Flash5, but i didnt wasted the image that i had captured...
So i redraw it all over again on Flash5( on the image outline).
Then i took its screen shot editted it a little in paint (the little means adding up my links at the top)
And then i though that realistic fire and smoke would be better.
So i popped up Photoshop.
Edited the image via Eye Candy 4000 plugin...(by applying blur, fire and smoke effects)
and here it is, the cartoon is ready to be stared and criticised.

BX off ... Spyware on...

Finally I could change my blogger theme and got rid of those annoying Bx's...
by manually deleting the widgets. And I got a new 'cool' theme for my blog.
(Please burp out wheather you liked the new theme or not)

Firefox, the so called most secure browser of the world has always been unlucky to me.Whenever its on my PC, spywares always strikes my computer.
This time the so called so secure browser has done the harm itself by screwing up my computer with 15 f'in spywares, malwares, trojans etc etc... and still it is the most loved, most downloaded, most appreciated browser!.

Thank God, the good old Spybot- Search n' Destroy removed 12 of them...
but still The so called "Smitfraud BS.c" malware is kicking the ass off my computer.
It has eaten up my screensavers, wallpapers...
By giving me a precious wallpaper that i saved as a memory.

iPhone Interactive!!!

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Iphone, which revolutionized the cell phone... the smartphone... the touch screen has finally (ok its a couple of months) jumped into 3G market by launching iPhone 3G.

Some dont have iPhone as they cant afford it... and some because it isnt available in their countries yet (i am the one of them and may be you) and some may not be interested in the iShit at all...

Well I am and that matters...

After offering you my attempts at the "iPhone Experience"

I give you the more detailed and more cool experience (i wished i could be the one who could develop it... but beacuse of lack of HLL knoweledge andlack of time i couldnt)


is what may experience almost 20% of handling a iphone...

Try it & TryPhone

Bloody BX and etc. etc.

Change the theme, remove the ads and other bullshit~
I was actually sick and tired of the theme on my blog for around 9 months( and no my theme didnt gave out a baby)

Then came June, strikes, curfews and finally vacations and curfews and so on...)
When the vacations began i finally decided to finish the god damn' job ( i feared that by changing my template i'll lose all damn' ads and widgets... but later i made up my mind finally... another reason was that no post was kicking my mind.)
Then i searched around the gr8 "G" a.k.a. Google for 3 column templates (free of course) but blah blah blah... didnt liked them at the first sight.

After that bullshit i scrolled through some sort of a blog to look for the "powered by 'XXX'/'XXX' themes."
And then the site popped up, but it was in portuguese, didnt mattered to me because google translator was with me.
Then i downloaded a few templates, looked good, saved them applied them and then deleted them (opinions change~ especially mine).

After that i knocked back at the doors of google to search for some more damn templates and finally i actually liked some of them.
Then i was back at the threshold of blogger to edit html> upload the new template...
and then.........................
wtf... i was welcomed by beautifully brutal BX Codes...

whose BX remained the same but its fathers kept on changing such as BX-shit, BX-crap and BX-whatever and so on...
Help Groups, Help Blog tried every damn service they offered...

May be the "Blogger" is having s good Kumbakarana(6 month) sleep.
After letting them die, I switched to their very own pathetic templates to live on, blog on.
Though i am still waiting to get rid of the bX-Bullshit, i think i need to move on/survive.
And while typing my pain out...i have finally written a 100+ words post!

If anyone knows how to over come those highly poisonous BX-bugs then please burp out(comment) your remedy.

Sarkar Raj: Review

Sarkar Raj: Review
After spending 100 bucks for the movie ticket and 30 bucks for a Coke i wished that Sarkar Raj
had finally something in store for me... and that it would be better than its previous
installment that i had watched on the original VCD... but it couldnt follow the magic of Sarkar.

So what the heck is the story:::

Starring Amitabh Bachchan as Subash Nagre, Abhishek Bachchan As Shankar Nagre and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Anita Ranjan, Sarkar Raj deals with the political and social scenario of Modern day Maharashtra when a proposal for establishing a power plant in rural Maharashtra is brought by Ash and is approved by Abhi. And the consequences of the approval with some twists, turns, violence
and etc. etc....

Now, doing something crazily sensible...

If Sarkar Raj is a coin, here is its head and tail...


1) Original Script (hope so)

2) Brilliant Performances

3) Nice Dialogues

1) Slow

2) absurd camera angles

3) Useless Rona-Dhona ( I dint understood why the f'in hell Aishwarya was continuosly crying in the movie...)

Since i could only find 3 heads and 3 tails...

so how could the asrology be more or less than that...
stars for Sarkar Raj(Thackrey)

The Results are Out!!!

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Thes results of AISSE2008(whatever) are finally out.
And they have shocked as well as surprised everyone, just like me.
I could believe it that i wasnt even a little bit tense for the results the night before them.
Though i waked up all the damn' night (as the next day was a holiday and not the result)
I was Suffering from and Surfing the net late night downloading some movie... and creating an animation to pass my time...
But i couldnt beat the night and finally i slept at six to wake up again at eight to face my most loved thing converting itself to most hated thing while staring at the result that proved the statement "expect the unexpected" TRUE.

Now another shock stroke me as i mistakenly did some uselesss senselees registry change...(actually spybot asked and i answered randomly) just to find out that everytime i switched my computer on i was welcomed by my very own result and when i decided to swirch it off the same result bade me goodbye...
If anyone can help please comment...
till then watch the animation i made the night before the result.

The Gr8 Windows Movie Maker

The Gr8 Windows Movie Maker

If you are a frequent and old reader of Crazyblog (which you would definitely not be), you might have noticed that the quote which I have used in many of my posts…

“The best things in the world are free, or make your pockets free”
However Windows Movie Maker fortunately doesn’t belong to latter category.

What the hell Windows Movie Maker (WMM) is:
As the name suggests, Windows Movie Maker is a cool and free utility that allows you to create movies. You can simply say (you can shut your mouth also) that WMM is a video editing software mostly used for creating nice home video e.g.:- Vacation and stuff like that.

Windows Movie Maker is preinstalled on Windows XP and Vista( may be on 98,2000 too) and the version in Windows XP SP2 is much better than that of SP1 as it has multiple transitions and effects which are sufficient for almost everyone.
You need at least 256 MB of RAM for its “good” working.
(I had tried it a 128 MB also… but it results in frequent crashes and video losses)

If you’ll “try to try it” for a little more that half an hour, you will learn its controls and working without even glancing (if an ex 13 years (now 15) student + blogger could do it then why not you)
And it’s damn’ simpler and easier to use than its rivals.

Now I am writing whatever I am typing teach you, or to persuade you (Note: I am not Microsoft’s or its nerd honcho’s servant to use this not often used utility, but simply because I like this software) to use this not often used utility for non-stereotypical purposes… i.e. video editing of marriages and vacation and shit (stuff word already used) like that.

So what the hell you can do via Windows Movie Maker:

1. Download Songs
2. Make an animation
3. Make a Presentation/ Slideshow

1. Download Songs:
You can download the songs running on your P.C. Via the method I had already mentioned in my
First post.

2. Making an Animation:
This one requires a high patience skill (which I don’t possess)

Now what the heck to do:

1. Draw Pictures (I drew on Paint), you can scan the pictures or do whatever so that they are safely in your hard disk.

2. Import these pics. To Windows Movie Maker, from Movie Tasks > Import pictures.

3. Now do the real work, i.e. drag and drop your pics. In order of appearance In the timeline/storyboard view.

4. Animation without sound is better than bullshit… So to put some sound to your animation…switch to the timeline view and Click the mike. Button (Narrate Timeline) and record your sound while the animation runs… such that the sound runs along with the frames. Or if your throat has withered up… and you don’t want to waste your precious voice for such stuff… or you just don’t have a microphone… then you can import the sound you want to run from Movie Tasks > Import audio or music, and drag it at the Audio/Music in the Timeline View. Be sure to click the sound and reduce/increase its size by dragging it with the red resizers, if your sound is too long for the animation, or your animation is too short for the sound.

5.Now, what the hell;;; save it!!!

P.S. This can be applied to the Stop-motion Videos too.


3. Make a Presentation/ Slideshow:
You can also make a Presentation/Slideshow by importing all the pictures captured by you…
Just like it was done in “Making an Animation”.
But for making better slideshows, I suggest you to apply the video transitions between each picture by:
1.Selecting Video Transitions from the drop down menu at the bar below the menu bar (I always forget its name)

2.And then drag and drop the transitions between the pictures in the small boxes in the Storyboard View.

3.Then simply save your stuff.

In a presentation you will need to write your stuff in paint… and then import the pics.

The best thing about making presentations on it is that you can run your presentations/slideshows on a VCD/DVD player.


There may be many other things which can be done via Windows Movie Maker…
It would be great if you will try these things out (and give the credit to me for teaching you how to do it) but it would be greater if you come up with some more things and burp back.

Get lost and start trying.

ver n’ ut

Sprite -the Spoofer is back

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Recently while shuffling channels via my tata sky remote control, i paused at something familiarly unfamiliar... and what i paused was some advertisement* resembling over-hyped useless "Pepsi Youngistan" ad*.

And hell it was a crazy ad indeed replacing youngistan with jungleeistan, firangeeisatan, kabrisatan and finally pados.
Then rolled yeh hai hindustan
Finally i came to knew that this ad/commercial was the latest ad from sprite.
And then i tracked down my memory lane... and remembered that few years ago Sprite had spoofed Mountain Dew in a "Peelarious" way.
Though Mountain Dew answered back, but it wasnt as impactful and as humorous as the Sprite's ad.
(Who cares... the ads are there to increase sales not to make people laugh)
Then Sprite came with ridiculous ads, featuring 3d crows and sania(s) (both are the same) but both of them didnt lasted long and didnt left any impact.
(May be even this wont, but i wish to write and i will write)
And a few months ago Sprite brought the truthly boring ad.
(Well i actually hate their slogan or whatever it is... Clear hai...Pyaas Bujaao and stuff like that...
arre pyaas hi bujani hai to saalon pani piyo sprite mein moo marney se ghanta milega)

The spoof war between the similar coloured and similar flavoured cold drinks is not really new...
it often takes place, but nothing doenst really gets out of control as it should have been.
The first ad i saw in which a coldrink was being spoofed was may be of thumsup many years ago.
But i dont understand why its the beverage companies that ofter quarell.
Returning Back...
May be Pepsi will fight back, may be it wont, but what we can do is watch these commercials stroll between our eyes...and those pestiscide drops flow through our stomach.

Though my post wouldnt do any shit, but as soon as news channels like India TV exist... there might be some news for sure popping in their special reports and breaking news.

So watch out and drink in

Win Xbox 360 and GTA IV!!!

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Well lemme straight away tell u that i am doing this shit for getting an Xbox 360(Elite Edition*) and Gta IV!!!

Those who dont know what the heck the heck these two things are, let me tell you that Xbox 360 is a gaming console developed by Microsoft and Gta IV as per as the trailors and expectations is one of the grand games of the year, developed by none other than rockstar games.

So to waste a post on such stuff is not really a shit, but if i lose(99.99999%) then hell yeah its a deal full of shit.

So Mr. John Cow, with the famous blog John Cow- make mooney online is giving away free Xbox 360 ee* and GTA IV,

only if someone indirectly promotes his blog and the domain on which he runs his blog.

All you have to do is to link back @ http://www.johncow.com/win-an-xbox360-elite-and-a-copy-of-gta4/
and http://www.johncow.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-affiliate-pro.php?id=32
or you could do what they say.
Here's what they want from you:-
"The winner will be picked via a lottery and you can choose how many tickets that you have in the draw! The more tickets that you have, the greater chance of winning! Here’s how to get your tickets:
250 tickets - Write a small blurb about this contest on your blog, 100 words minimum. Please make sure you linkback to our sponsor and to this post so your readers can find it.
250 tickets - Become an affiliate with THC for free. This is really a no-brainer as
Top Hosting Center offers 50% commission for each sale you make for them! Within a few sales you can buy your own 360 if you don’t win this one! (We’ll check if you have one of their banners on your blog!)
25 tickets - Every comment you leave on another blog’s latest post about this contest will get you 25 tickets, as will leaving this link in a new forum thread somewhere, or when you mass message your myspace or facebook friends. Perhaps even use Twitter to let all your followers know
25 tickets - Subscribe to our
RSS feed and THC’s blog feed.
10 tickets - Give this post a thumbs up on SU.
That’s all kids. Contest will run until the 30th of this month, that’s when GTA4 is scheduled for release. We will throw all the tickets into a big hat and pick a lucky winner. Thanks again to the people at Top Hosting Center for being an awesome blog web host!"

So if you wanna try it...
get your fingers going over all the damn' links mentioned here...
and watch the opportunity smooch you or kick your asss.

Spacebar Breakers

Spacebar the longest key, apart from being used to provide spaces in a word processor, or in ur blog is also targetted by the game makers, and especially gamers.
Though my space bar key, is not broken yet... but i like seeing other people's broken keyboards.
Well not really.
After the arrow keys, w,s,a,d and enter "space bar" is used...
and i am going to mention some games... that require extreme pressing of your space bar key, that may even lead to its breaking.

1.Gully Cricket:
This is an online version of reformed cricket that is often seen in the streets of india( mostly on sundays and curfews).
You can play it just below

even this game, has a point when, you will have to continuosly press the space bar, and keep it hitting...if you keep it hitting you survive and if you dont, your game is over... its just like a local street panga.

see the screen shot:-


2.GTA San Andreas

Another one in my list of spacebar breakers is GTA San Andreas.
Though the whole game wont break your space bars , but workkout in the gym surely needs pissing off on your space bar keys.

It gives a very little experience of lifting those bloody dumbbells.

Checkout its screenshot below:-


3. Shrek 2

Though this one is not as popular as GTA but this is more tougher, freakier and tenser...

I am not talking about the whole game Shrek 2, at first sight you'll think it as game of kids...

But later when you reach the "Puss in Boots" level, you will rightly feel the pain.

Satisfy yourself by viewing the screenshot below:-

Beware along with space bar many other keys are at a risk.


And last but not the least

4. Panja Fight( Arm Wrestling)

This one is something that can kill your arm and spacebar.

This game has real visuals whi will arm wrestle with you.

This one is a must-play game if you want to break your spacebar.

Click the screenshot below to experience the game.

Examination Ends!!!

Finally, the day which i wanted is here!!!

Examination is finally clear!!!

But the scars of pain... of the unpredictable, challenging, disastrous examination war are still here

So checkout this voilently new cartoon that i have to share:-

On this ocassion i would like to share my quote on examination:-

" In an Examination, There is no winner, no loser. There is only depression and destruction"

Happy Holi!!!

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Now i finally remember that it has finally been a year to Crazyblog!!!
With holi, you get great opportunities to showcase your talent on people...by

1. Stylist
Today is the day when you can become a stylist for hair, face or whatever you wanna style (destroy).
You have got the hands, colours... you just need a bakra or moreon that sto be decorated

You can enhance your throwing skills.(Indian team requires to play holi for that)
You just need is water, balloon, the water filled in a balloon and your concentration.
Focus on special organs...

3. Contract Killer
warning: Dont try this at your home ( only at other people's homes)
All you need is accuracy, patience, skill of Thrower and running ability.
What you really need is freezer for freezing water balloons.
Now its up to you whose head you want to bash up.
4.Extra Extra
For this you need innovative voilence thoughts... as your weapons are colours, pichkaris, balloons and so on...
Whether you try it or not...

to all The Crazyblog scrollers, starers and readers

Examination Everest!!!

I was supposed to study these days... but my fingers go crazy if they dont type and have a waltz with my optical mouse!!!

Well let them go crazy

you see the result of their craze...

a cool crazy cartoon called Examination Everest

If you dont posess cerebrum and cerebellum i may tell you that this cartoon depicts the struggle of the students and the cleverness of the cheaters to reach the peak of exaMination eVerest.

Examination~ The war has begun!!!

Sometimes i really think that blogger should copy the "time stamp " application from wordpress.
because when i post i most too much, and when i dont post, i dont post at all.
Sometimes it may be lack of time, some times empty brains... and NOW!!!

All right i wanted to publish this post on 1st March... but because of the swords and knives [not literally... illiterally] hanging over my neck... and i dont think i would have the guts to post it on.

I really hoped that the much screwing cbse boards papers may have started a month later than 1 March 2008, beacause i could have excused that i though i am being april-fooled.

I had made many cartoons on examination in recent[ though i keep scribblin' and singing and cartooning on my notebooks], since i have no scanners, mouse pens and graphic tablets.

Check this cartoon which is absolutely opposite of what i feel.

This cartoon shows an extremely optimistic student[soldier] getting ready to give away his life with a smile as the war (examination) has begun

Orkut getting 0rkut

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While scrolling through communities in orkut i found something...

It may be an error, or just some bullshit but whatever it is something that is not restricted to me...

You better checkout Orkut or see the turmoil in the picture below

may be the orkut people are trying to put a limit to the high-membered communities!

What do you think?

Big Bang Theory!!!

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According to cosmology and shit like that...
Big Bang Theory is
"the theory that the universe originated sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature..."
but according to
it means something else...actually he thinks it as a game...
it means this posted which i have pasted to get some links and to give some links...
I have heard this thought "give and take" may be not!
Let's cut the crap.
So lets roll down the post baby:-
You do not have to be tagged to play along. This game is simple and so are the rules.
1. Copy from *Start Copy Here* through *End Copy Here*
2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post at each site you add.
3. Tag or don’t tag, your choice, however, the more tags you create the bigger the list will grow.
4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list. (If you would like a scroll box code, leave me your email address and I will email it to you.) Scroll Box Example. (I decided not to use the box for the Big Bang for ease of copying.)
5. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often. This process will allow late-comers to get as much link benefit as the first ones in. Once you are on the master list people who have participated earlier will update their bookmarks and help everyone lower than them out on the list.
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