Happy New Year

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2008 sucked!!!
hope 2009 turns out better!!!

Eleventh Sucks!!!


Why does it always feels like that the previous class rocked, and the current one sucks ( most people say, may be not but hell I say it)

I am in the 11th grade for more than half a year, and it seems that I am rusting and decaying in the walls of 11th for more than a lifetime., though my text books and refreshers refuse to agree… some display their dew-fresh untouched pages (they aren’t wet) and some torn apart (I don’t blame myself for testing the effects of gravity on them, in fact damn CBSE and NCERT for the screwed up quality of the books, the books with the hologram)

My perspective towards studying/cramming changed a lot in the past few years. My favorite subjects switched their positions, from Science to S.St to English to IT to nothing.

Even though I have chosen Sciences-Non Medical (forcibly) it is hard for me to digest more than one paragraph at a time.

My most hated and dreaded subject from the last decade used to be Mathematics, until Science took an unexpected turn and absorbed numbers and gave birth to the two new demons in the Science, The Chemistry and The Physics, where the fusion of the numericals and the good old concepts took place.

And now Physics and Chemistry have taken more grim avatars, their books might not be king sized but the reference books that may not enhance your mind but regular lifting and dropping of it may enhance your biceps.

In fact Physics and Chemistry have formed new definitions in my screwed up mind.

Physics: Baat ka Batangarh Banana (Making a mountain out of mole hill).The concepts which were sometimes interesting for me have turned into crappy derivations with triple x’s and y’s v1’s and v2’s and lot of weird greek alphabets that keep on getting add as constants.

Eg: If something falls, according to physics “OMG it can fall! Let’s put some g’s and G’s over it”

Chemistry: If it was fiction it could be much better but alas it’s a collect of false facts and hypothetical bullshittin’ concepts that were given by drunk homo-genius scientists. Chemistry is a whole damn’ branch of lying on lies.

Eg: A dog Is peeing @ a pole , according to chemistry it is pouring some H2O on Fe

With tremendous increase in the stinkin’ tendencies of Physics and Chemistry, The fear of Maths has reduced somewhat.